Presentation Guideline

For Oral Presenter

  • Total Presentation Time: 14 minutes
  • 11 minutes for presentation + 3 minutes for questions and answers.
  • Both computers with windows and mac are available.
  • Aspect ratio of projectors: 4:3 (a presentation file with 16:9 aspect ratio is available)

< Setup >

  • Store your presentation file of PDF or PPT (PPTX) in your USB flash memory.
  • Bring the USB flash memory to a speaker ready room where both windows and mac computers are available for the upload.
  • Upload your presentation file by using the computers. It is strongly recommended to upload one day before your session.
  • Check if your presentation file works properly in the computer. It is desired to check it also in a computer of your session room.
  • Find session chairs in your session room sufficiently earlier before your session begins, and let them know you show up.

< Note >

  • It is recommended to embed your graphics or video clips on your presentation file. Otherwise, you may upload the graphics or video files with your presentation.

For Poster Presenter

  • A poster board sizes are as below
    Picture of poster
  • Poster board available: 0830am—0600pm
  • Poster must be displayed: 1100am—0400pm
  • Presenter must show up: 0130pm—0300pm

< Setup >

  • Bring your posters to your poster room.
  • Find a poster board with an indication of your presentation number.
  • Remaining posters are removed after 0600pm.

< Note >

  • Printing services are not available near the conference venue.

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