Application due date has passed.

We are pleased to offer related organizations and companies the opportunity to display their work at the 39th International Conference on Radar Meteorology. Please be a part of our exhibition to provide the attendees with the latest information on your activities or business. You can meet new customers, create and expand your communication network in this opportunity.


Due date

  • May 30, 2019  July 31, 2019


  • JPY 200,000 + Tax (8%) / one unit
  • Payment method will be informed to you later.

Exhibition Hours

  • From 9 am on September 16, 2019 to 2 pm on September 20, 2019

Exhibition booth

  • W1.8 m, D1.8 m, H2.1 m
  • Display table: W1.8 m, D0.6 m, H0.7 m
  • Panel: W1.8 m, H 1.8 m
  • Two chairs are included.
  • Electric power usage: Maximum 300W (single-phase 100 V, 3 A)

Overview (one unit)

Overview (one unit)


  • Two exhibitor passes will be issued for each unit of application.
  • Company name and logo will be posted on the conference webpage and program.


  • The organizer will prepare the exhibition booth shown above.
  • The total space for exhibition is limited. When the number of applications exceeds the limitation, the organizer will decline further applications.
  • The exhibitors will bear transportation (bringing in and shipping out) and setting of exhibition materials.
  • The organizer assigns the booth location after taking into consideration the type, shape, etc. of the exhibition materials, and we will notify each exhibitor the results of the assignment. Please note that we will not hold the exhibitor's briefing session at the conference.
  • The exhibitors shall hold the management of each exhibition, and the organizer will not be liable for any damages to the exhibits such as theft, loss, and fire during the exhibition period.
  • After the exhibition application, no cancellation is accepted except for the accidental cases that the organizer acknowledges.
  • Due to unavoidable circumstances, some parts of the conditions may be changed. If we change any conditions, we will contact each exhibitor immediately.

Any further details

  • Contact the conference secretariat (Email :

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