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Website and Webform Creation

Promotional sites, registration and payment forms, more

  • Website Construction
  • Form Construction
    • Building and operating all types for registration forms (payment, registration, posting) and questionnaires
    • Handling registration and questions from members/participants
    • Conducting and tallying surveys

    Registration Forms
    We construct forms for specific needs, such as registering to participate in a symposium or become a member of an association. We manage all information and lists and issue reports in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

    Payment Forms
    If fees are to be charged for registration, we create forms allowing payment by credit card. Please consult with us about minimizing credit card surcharges.

    Posting Forms
    We also make forms for uploading publications, reports on conferences, and more. Forms are made to suit your needs, such as collecting data in a form suitable for use in printed materials, etc.

    We create surveys to collect opinions from participants in seminars and symposia. We follow up with any services you may need, such as issuing reports with graphs.

    *All forms can be created in Japanese or English. Rest assured that all of our forms are checked by a native speaker of English to ensure that they will be easily understood by international guests.

    Customer Service while Forms are Up
    When the above forms are active, we handle all inquiries coming from users. Our experienced staff can serve users in Japanese and English.

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form page sample 2