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All Types of Design (posters, logos, more) & Data Services

Desktop Publishing, Photography

We have been providing original poster, flyer, and website designs for international symposia, academic conferences, and other events hosted by universities and research institutes all over Japan for many years. We use this wealth of experience to deliver high-quality designs that clearly convey your message. In addition, our experience in desktop publishing of conference proceedings and programs has recently led us to produce full brochures for research institutes, university departments, and research projects.

We also assist with all types of information, promotional activities, and more, providing a broad range of professional support to professors and administrative staff.

  • Logo mark design
  • Design and printing of pamphlets for institutes/departments, posters, flyers, covers for booklets
  • Data preparation/editing for booklets (reports, proceedings, programs, brochures, etc.)
  • Data preparation/printing of large posters
  • Photo/wood-frame panels
  • Data for storage on USB (etc.)
  • Digital photo/video editing
  • Promotional goods (bags, pens, memo pads, folding fans, furoshiki, nametags, more)
  • Signage of all kinds
  • Other original design work