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Researcher Invitations

Welcoming Researchers, Calling for Researchers, Flights for Speakers from Abroad

We specialize in serving universities and public research institutes all over Japan, calling on, welcoming, and handling flight tickets for researchers and speakers from overseas.

Please consult with us when inviting researchers from overseas for international symposia, workshops, seminars, joint research, or other activities held in Japan.

We strive to satisfy both guest researchers and the institutions who invite them by providing smooth travel assistance, including liaison and coordination, discount airline tickets and lodging arrangements, document preparation, schedule management, advance payments for expenses, preparing and submitting documents for visa applications, airport pick-up, providing transportation directions to and from airports/hotels/venues, and more.

Flight Arrangements

  • Discount tickets for flights from any country
  • Intermediary payments for all travel expenses

Liaison and Coordination with Invitees

  • Leave the troublesome correspondence to us.
  • We offer a variety of services, while minimizing expenses
  • Highly experienced staff

Advance Payment Service

  • Advance payments for travel expenses, per diems, honoraria for researchers

Japanese Visa Application Support

  • Assistance with document preparation
  • Submitting documents as intermediary

Hotel Accommodations

  • We arrange lodgings in Japan and abroad
  • We cooperate with a variety of hotels and lodgings
  • Hotel reservations, payment, management system

Transportation & Excursion Tours

  • Transportation services between airports, hotels, venues
  • Reservations & arrangements for excursion tours
  • Airport shuttles, sightseeing buses, taxis, tour guides

Accident Insurance for Guest Researchers

  • Please consider protecting your invitees against any eventuality

Request a Quote

  • If you have plans to invite foreign lecturers or researchers, please don’t hesitate to consult with us. We will quote you the best schedule and transportation rates.