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Overseas Travel

We offer optimal travel plans for researchers and educators.

We handle all the necessary steps for international travel, from visa applications to discount flights, hotels, trains, rental cars, and local guides. We will find the perfect route and schedule for you.

[From inquiry to departure]

  1. Tell us where you’re going

    We check flights and hotel statuses and begin making arrangements right away.

  2. Review your options

    We will present you with the available options and prices.

  3. Booking

    We will reserve your airline tickets, hotel accommodations, etc. and manage your bookings should the need for changes or cancelations arise.

  4. Receive schedule and quote

    When the reservations are confirmed, we send you a detailed schedule along with an official quote/pro forma invoice (for filing your travel expenses).

  5. Final confirmation

    10 to 14 days before departure, we will contact you for a final schedule confirmation.

  6. Receive your tickets

    We send your tickets, hotel coupons, maps, itineraries, etc.

  7. Departure

    You can rely on us for assistance should you have any trouble during your trip.

<Other Services>


We also arrange transportation at your destination. Let us book the buses, trains, shuttles, and rental car that you need to get where you are going.

Local Guides

If you need a local guide or interpreter at your destination, please leave it to us.

Visa Applications

Regardless of nationality or destination, we can walk you through the visa application process and, where possible, act as your intermediary.

Travel Insurance

We offer AIG travel insurance to protect against loss or damage during your trip.